Military Diet and Diet Soda

I recently got an email asking me whether diet soda is allowed while following the military diet or not. The straight answer to this question is ‘No’! You’re not allowed to drink the diet soda while you’re trying to lose weight through the military diet program or any weight loss diet for that matter.

You should only drink water and decaffeinated herbal tea if you’re thirsty or craving for something.

Why Diet Soda is Not Allowed on the Military Diet?

Diet Soda & Its Effect on Weight Loss

According to the recent studies, it is found that drinking diet soda is making people fatter than those who drink the regular soda. The diet pop contains zero nutritional value and may cause severe health issues. Still not believing? Then read on to know why.

Reasons Why Diet Soda Makes You Gain Weight

Metabolism or Metabolic rate is everything for the people who’re trying to lose weight or even to stay healthy. A recent study at the University of Minnesota proved that consuming only 1 diet soda per day for a particular period has made the people to gain belly fat and bad cholesterol. Even the University of Texas has proven that drinking more than 1 diet soda can increase the risk of turning extremely obese.

Since these diet soda’s contain artificial sweeteners, when our taste buds sense the sugar content because of the sweetener, it creates a spike in the insulin levels, assuming that it is getting more calories. So, even if it’s not sugar, the insulin splurge creates hormonal imbalance in our body, thereby increasing the fat storage.

This also means that people who drink diet soda are more likely to eat (overeat) immediately. It is because the artificial sweeteners tricked our body into thinking its sugar, and thus you crave for more after drinking any diet soda, thereby increasing your calorie intake that leads to overweight.

Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

  1. A regular consumption of diet soda causes kidney problems.
  2. It messes up your metabolism.
  3. Irregularities in your metabolic rate makes you gain weight.
  4. Heavier consumption of diet soda causes a terrible hangover.
  5. Your cells will be damaged if you drink more soda. Instead replace it with water for better health.
  6. You will have to suffer with rotting teeth if you love diet soda.
  7. Diet soda cans causes reproductive problems.

So, it is advised not to consume or drink any diet soda, at least while you’re on the military diet or any other weight loss program as it will not help you in anyway and rather hinders your weight loss results. Don’t get fooled by the soda companies and spoil your health.

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