How to Balance Hormones and Lose Weight Fast?

No matter how hard the workout is or how strict a diet routine is, some people find it very tough to lose weight! Have you faced the similar issue? Then, don’t blame the diet or exercise as they don’t have anything to do with your problem.

Hormonal Imbalance is what stopping you from losing weight. In fact, most people gain weight due to the improper changes in their hormones.

Do you know that our mood, appearance and even the weight is influenced by the hormones? Yes! If your hormones are out of control, then you’ll see a lot of negative effects on your health as well as you weight.

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So, if you wanted to get the best output from your diet or workout routine, then first try balancing your hormones and only then you’ll be able to lose weight successfully.

In this article, we’ll find out mainly two things.

  1. What Causes Sudden Weight Gain?
  2. How to Balance Hormones & Lose Weight Naturally?

1.What Causes Sudden Weight Gain?

Unintentional Weight Gain: Causes & Solutions

Everything has a cause and so does, obesity or excess weight. People generally feel that all obese people eat a lot and this is what makes them fat. Well, surprisingly there are many causes which make one gain excess weight. Obesity has taken epidemic proportions in the United States and is a huge cause of worry. Excess weight causes many health problems and must be controlled. Fat people are usually victim of teasing and remarks which dampens them psychologically.

These harmful effects must be avoided by losing weight (follow the 3 day military diet for effective weight loss results). But in order to do so, the underlying cause of excess weight must be found.

Here is a list of common causes of obesity in both men and women. Before going into the details, first do know that every person, irrespective of male or female, gain weight if they don’t satisfy the below conditions.

A] Eating more than what you burn

Research proves that when people eat more than what they expend, weight tends to increase. Think of your body as a machine in which you are overstuffing the oil. If the machine doesn’t work out the energy, it would go waste with time. This is what happens with mindless eating especially starches, sodas, and junk food.

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B] Lack of exercise

Again in continuation with the last point, you need to expel the body’s energy in the form of some physical activity. If you keep on eating more and do not exercise, the fats get accumulated in the body leading to weight gain.

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C] Hypo functioning of the thyroid

Sometimes the thyroid gland gets hypoactive leading to lot of weight gain. Thyroid is essential for keeping the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) going. This is the rate at which body burns calories. So, when the functioning gets hampered, body gains weight

D] Hormonal imbalance

This problem occurs in females. There is an imbalance of hormones like estrogen or PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disorder). This happens due to genetic causes, sedentary lifestyle, stress or more than normal weight.

E] Emotional eating

Many people take comfort in fatty foods and starches. This usually happens to people who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders or under stress.

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F] Medications

Certain medicines like steroids, anti-depressants lead to weight gain. These disturb the body’s metabolism leading to accumulation of excess fat. One tends to lose weight after these medications are stopped.

G] Diabetes

This is a very common disorder. It makes the fat cells persistent and insulin resistant and hampers weight loss. Artificial insulin also makes one gain weight especially in the stomach, thighs and hips areas.

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H] Lack of sleep

A well-rested body is essential for proper functioning. The physiological and biochemical balance is disturbed in less sleep and one tends to gain weight. The coping mechanism fails and one tends to reach out to food.

I] Stress leads to gain weight

The body’s physiological mechanism gets disturbed due to stress. The body gets into the survival mode and tends to store fats for emergencies.

J] Eating less

Yes surprisingly one gains weight due to eating less than what is required. Body’s metabolism gets slow and body gets in the survival mode storing the fats. So weight gain ensues.

K] Eating at odd times

When one eats late night or skips lunch and eats it very late, the body’s metabolism goes haywire and body gains weight. A perfect schedule is essential to maintain healthy weight.

All these causes of weight gain must be looked at to determine the real cause behind excess weight. Only then it can be successfully cured. You have to make lifestyles changes, cure medical conditions, follow healthy lifestyle or maybe get medical advice.

Thus, weight gain has many causes and it is possible to lose weight. Find out what is your cause and work it out accordingly.

2.How to Fix Hormones and Lose Weight Naturally?

Hormonal Imbalance Causes Weight Gain
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There are four hormones that are responsible for weight gain namely – Insulin, Estrogen, Cortisol and Leptin. Let us now discuss each hormone in detail and how to balance them naturally to lose weight automatically.

A] Insulin

The pancreas in our body release the hormone ‘insulin’ in order to regulate the blood sugar (glucose) levels. This hormone will become out of balance when you’re too obese or eat a lot of high sugar foods regularly. When there is high consumption of sugar content, the insulin simply stores it as fat, thereby making you fat.

How to Balance Insulin Hormone for Weight Loss?

On an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar as it regulates your blood sugar levels, thereby balancing the hormone naturally. If you don’t like ACV, you may also drink 16 oz of filtered water (warm if you like) with lemon as it will naturally flush out harmful toxins from your body and helps in regulating the insulin levels.

Apart from this home remedy, you should also consider eating protein with every meal. Eliminate sugary, fast foods and only munch on low-glycemic foods like fruits, beans, and non-starchy vegetables. Eating small meals more often will also do the trick.

B] Estrogen

Although, Estrogen is a female sex hormone, even men will have it, but in less ratio. This is the main hormone that is responsible for the development of female body parts like breasts, hips, bum etc…Unfortunately, the imbalance of this hormone will cause slowdown of metabolism, thereby making the body store more fat. And since, estrogen is more in women, it is hard for ladies to lose weight than men. One of the main reasons for the spike (imbalance) in estrogen levels is the exposure to environmental estrogens (aka xenoestrogens).

How to Balance Estrogen Levels to Lose Weight?

In order to reduce or balance the estrogen levels, it is recommended to include high fiber content in your diet. You should aim for 35 to 45 grams of fiber per day and not more than that as it would upset your stomach. In addition to this, try to reduce the intake of red meat, also eliminate alcohol and processed foods.

C] Cortisol

Whenever we go into depression or lead a stressful life, our body releases a hormone called ‘cortisol’. In extreme conditions, this hormone will be released in surplus, thereby causing risk of heart diseases and also store visceral fat (aka belly fat). This is the reason why people with more stress usually gain weight as they tend to eat more compared to others.

How to Balance Cortisol Hormone for Weight Loss?

The only way to control the levels of Cortisol production is to lead a peaceful lifestyle. Since excessive Caffeine is linked to cortisol spike, it is suggested to limit the consumption or switch to a healthier option like Green tea. You can also practice meditation, take B Vitamin or magnesium supplement daily and finally get good sleep.

D] Leptin

Leptin plays a very crucial role in our weight loss. Our body’s fat cells produce this hormone to tell our brain that we’re full or satiated. However, since we eat a lot of processed foods, which contain a type of sugar called fructose, our body just stores it as fat. And as a result of excess fat storage, our body releases too much of Leptin hormone, which makes our body become leptin resistant. That means, your mind will never get a signal that you’re full or not. Therefore, you end up eating more and eventually put on weight.

How to Reduce Leptin Hormone to Lose Weight?

The first thing you should do in order to balance the leptin levels is to get a proper sleep. It is suggested that the adults should get a minimum of 7 hours of good night sleep to stay healthy and active. Sleep deprivation creates an imbalance in the leptin levels and as a result, you end up craving for more sugary or high carb foods.

Apart from proper sleep, you should also consider taking Omega 3 supplements regularly. If you don’t like to use the supplements, you can get them from natural sources such as fish, chia seeds and grass-fed meats. Also, remember to reduce your consumption of sugar (especially, fructose from processed foods). Regular exercising will also improve your sleep cycle.

Hormone Balancing for Weight Loss: Final Overview

Finally, if you’re not able to lose weight even after following a diet and exercise, then you should first check whether you’re having any hormonal issues or not. And once you bring a balance in these hormones, you’ll automatically lose weight naturally.

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