The Morning Banana Diet: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Do you like bananas, but normally avoid them just because they’re high in calories? Then, here is a good news for you.

You can actually lose weight by eating bananas every day.

Have you ever heard of the morning banana diet? This popular diet was invented (created) by the Osaka Pharmacist ‘Sumiko Watanabe’ for her husband ‘Hitoshi Watanabe’.

He has lost around 37 pounds (16.8 Kilos) of weight by following this banana diet plan.

P.S: You can follow this healthy banana diet plan during the four days off military diet period and it is completely safe as you’re just replacing your breakfast with bananas, which are high in nutritional value.

Morning Banana Diet for Weight Loss

After his successful weight loss results, Hitoshi has written an article on Mixi, which is one of Japan’s biggest social networking sites. The morning banana weight loss diet has become so much popular in Japan in the year 2008, causing shortage of bananas in local food stores. Surprising, isn’t it?

Well, a lot of overweight and obese people have tried the banana diet plan and lost their excess weight. But, there are a few things to consider before trying out the diet program. Read the below guide completely before trying it yourself.

Morning Banana Diet Review? Does it Work?

The diet requires eating bananas daily for breakfast in order to reduce hunger pangs.

According to the creators, this diet plan helps you get habituated with healthy eating patterns after following it for a week.

Since, the bananas are rich in nutrients and has enough calories to keep you strong, you don’t have to worry about feeling sick or weak.

The main reason why you’ll lose weight by following this diet is because you’re actually eating fewer calories throughout the day. When the calorie burn is more than the caloric expenditure, you lose weight naturally. The same is the case with any other low carb diets like the military diet or the keto diet or the gm diet.
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What to Eat on the Banana Diet Plan to Lose Weight?


For breakfast, you should eat raw bananas.

However, don’t stuff yourself with more bananas. You should always stop when you feel full.

The creator of this diet ate just 4 small bananas (Philippines) in the morning for breakfast.

If you’re still hungry after eating bananas, then you can have a small bowl of oatmeal (after 15 to 30 minutes). Remember that this meal shouldn’t exceed 200 calories.

Lunch & Dinner:

You can eat normally for lunch and dinner. There are no definitive foods that can be had during the lunch and dinner times. However, the dieters who followed this plan has suggested to limit the quantity of rice and also avoid fried foods as much as you can.

Morning Banana Diet Rules

  • You should not include desserts in your meal plan
  • Always, get up from the dining table with 80% full stomach. There is a saying in Japan, ‘Hara hachibu ni isha irazu’, which means – you don’t need a doctor if your stomach is eight-tenths full.
  • Tea, coffee and diet soda are allowed, but they should be limited to the minimum. Milk products are a big NO. Instead, general water is preferred as it contains zero calories and could fill you up easily.
  • The water must be at room temperature only, not hot or chilled. You should drink water in small sips and not at a time.
  • Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally. Do have 3-4 cups of Green tea whenever you can.
  • Ensure to chew your food completely rather than just swallowing it as a whole. This will help in digesting the food easily.
  • If you can’t get rid of sweet tooth, then you can have dark chocolate or cookies (in limits) at about 3 PM in the afternoon, because you’ll have enough time to burn those calories before you sleep.
  • Say no to ice creams, potato chips, or donuts.
  • You can have air-popped pop-corn for snacks as it contains less fat.
  • If you’re still hungry after dinner, you can have some fresh fruits, but this should not be a habit and can be done occasionally.
  • Get early to bed. Make sure you maintain a gap of at least 3-4 hours between your last meal and bedtime. For example, if you want to go to bed at 9PM, then finish your last meal of the day by 5PM.

Can I Exercise While on the Banana Diet?

Yes, you can perform exercises even while on the diet. But, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on yourself while working out. Just a moderate jogging or cardio exercises would be enough to get things going.

Does the Morning Banana Diet Really Work?

Of course, yes! Majority of the people who followed this diet will lose weight, not because it is a magical diet, but due to the reduced calorie intake.

All the rules created by the couple in this diet are scientifically proven to aid weight loss.

Let us see them one by one.

  • It is said in this diet to have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. As you know, when you’re stressed out and have no proper sleep, you’re more likely to munch on unhealthy snacks. And as a result, you gain weight. Also, the cortisol levels increases due to lack of sleep which in turn affect your metabolism.
  • Eating bananas for breakfast will fill your stomach completely and you’ll not crave for unhealthy snacks before the lunch period. This will eventually cut down any unnecessary calories from your daily goal.
  • Walking or Jogging not only helps with fat loss, but also reduces your stress and helps you get proper sleep.
  • If you stop eating when you’re 80% full, then you can easily cut down calories, thus stay under your daily calorie limit.
  • Avoiding unhealthy snacks or fried foods or desserts will help you maximize your weight loss results. It is a no brainer.
  • Drinking lots of water not only curbs your hunger, but will also flush out any harmful toxins from your body through urine and sweat. But, remember to drink 30 minutes before or 2 hours after your meals and not while having your meal.

Will I Gain Weight After Completing the Diet?

Well, let me first tell you something related to weight loss science. You actually put on/off weight by increasing/decreasing calories beyond the required limit.

So, if you go back to your unhealthy eating habits after completion of the morning banana diet, then you’ll surely gain back all those lost pounds and in some cases, even more.

But, if you stick to a healthy eating pattern by limiting the carbs and increasing the fiber and protein content, then you’ll surely maintain your lost weight or can lose some more weight if you wanted to.

Therefore, it all depends in your hands whether to lose/gain weight and no diet plan will guarantee you any permanent results.


Finally, the morning banana diet helps you incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle. So, you’ll definitely lose weight if you follow this diet plan without having cheat meals more often. In fact, I personally suggest to continue this healthy lifestyle as long as you can as there is no harm in following this diet. You’re just replacing your unhealthy breakfast with healthy bananas, in moderation.

The Morning Banana Diet for Weight Loss


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