Military Diet Grocery List

Shopping list or Grocery list is a must in order to follow any diet plan without cheating. And, the same applies to the 3 day military diet as well.

Because, if you don’t stock your refrigerator with the healthy foods suggested on the diet program, then you’ll eventually pick the unhealthy food options that will spoil your weight loss goal.

Hence, it is highly advised to get the military diet groceries before starting the diet itself so that you don’t deviate from the program.

In case, you hate or allergic to any of these foods, then don’t hesitate to replace them with these healthy military diet substitutions. Also, find out the number of calories on the military diet.

Military Diet Shopping List for All 3 Days

Item (Qty)
Tuna (3 cans) Bananas – 2
Eggs Grapefruit – 1
Meat – 3 ounces (Your choice) Cottage Cheese/Cheddar Cheese
Hot Dogs Whole Wheat Bread
Broccoli (small head) Coffee
Carrots Peanut Butter
Green Beans Saltine Cracker
Apple – 2 Vanilla Ice Cream

Pack your refrigerator for 3 days using this military diet grocery list so that you don’t have to go running to the local store in the middle of the diet program to purchase those missing food items.

The first thing you’ll notice about this 3 day diet is that it is both convenient and cheap.

All the ingredients/foods suggested on the program are easily and cheaply available at any grocery store near you. And, most people already eat these foods in their routine, but in varied quantities.

The second good thing about the military diet is the nutritional properties of the recommended foods on the diet.

Take for example, a Grapefruit is known for its antioxidant, fat-burning and cholesterol-lowering properties. It is also high in Vitamin C.

Whereas, the Bananas and Apple are high in dietary fiber, which is a must for a healthy gut.

Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, or others like Carrots are extremely low in calories and carbs. Hence, you will be getting the required nutrients but not much calories, thereby letting you lose weight fast.

For proteins, you’ve the meat and beans. Since, the protein is harder to get digested, our body uses more resources to digest them and in that process, it spends more calories, thereby enabling us to lose weight in the process. And, protein is also beneficial for building muscle, skin and hair tissues.

If you’ve a sweet tooth, you can simply have the Stevia, which is carb free and does not spike the insulin levels.

Hope, this information helps you in following the military diet weight loss program without fail. Do, let us know if you have any other doubts regarding this military diet shopping list.

Military Diet Grocery Shopping List